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Why Microdose?

People microdose psychedelic mushrooms for a variety of reasons, including potential mental and cognitive benefits. Microdosing (consuming vague measures of psilocybin) involves taking very small amounts of a psychedelic substance, such as psilocybin-containing mushrooms, typically on a regular schedule. While scientific research in this area is still limited and ongoing, here are some common reasons why people choose to microdose psychedelic mushrooms: Enhanced Creativity and Problem-Solving: Some individuals report increased creativity, divergent thinking, and improved problem-solving abilities while microdosing.

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Recent studies show that psilocybin can rebuild your neural pathways and mimic serotonin

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Microdosing Tips

There is not a one size fits all strategy to microdosing, since it influences everybody differently. The best technique is whatever strategy works out the best for you!
heres a few thoughts to get you started. Don’t microdose every day with the goal that you can keep feeling the benefits and not build a tolerance.
Take your microdose in the morning to encounter the advantages without interfering with your sleep schedule at night. Clear some time to relax for your first microdose. Just in case you wind up dosing more than you thought and begin to trip, you’ll need to be in a safe space where you feel good
Journal how you feel after your microdose and get it on paper, so you can easily adjust and find the proper dose to meet your needs.

Originating from cow pastures in East Plant City, Florida, this variety was collected and named Purple Mystic by “Blackdove” for the purple ring that develops around the cap of this mushroom in the wild.

Purple Mystics

Red Boy is one of the few psilocybe cubensis mushrooms that produces red spores, thus its name. Red Boy mushrooms have large, bell-shaped, reddish caps on thick stems.

Red Boys

Balance Method

Microdose every other day Microdose one day, then take a one-day break. Try pausing this method every other week so that you don’t build up a tolerance. The theory behind it
Some favor this approach essentially because it is the most straightforward strategy to recollect. Since the impacts of a microdose can keep going for two days, you might in any case feel the impacts of the past dose when you take your next dose. This might make more grounded and more recognizable impacts

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